My Love Is Good Enough

Ooh.. oh! Yeah... my baby, yeah... ooh.. yeah.. My love is good enough

Won't you tell me what you want baby, I give you what you need, yeah.. Won't you show me What it takes, Want you to know what's it means, oh woh.. if I pick you up in my personal limousine and showered you with roses, I would want to date you like I haven't mind you, If that's what it takes to prove baby..

CHORUS: My love is good enough, Good enough to place to start, My love is good enough, Good enough to open your heart.. To me

Won't you show me what you like baby, I only want to please you.. and I, I'm not beyond begging baby, You got me on my knees, oh you know I would do anything you say, any little thing you know.. If I'd told you I'd wait no matter how long it takes.. Will that make you believe baby? Oh..


CHORUS2: My love is good enough, Don't you think it's worth to try, My Love is good enough, Good enough for you and I...

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