You Ain't Met My Girl

(C) I don't own no big estate
No (F) fancy farm with a rod iron gate
Or a (C) mansion with a big ol' pretty (G7) view

And (C) I don't own no fancy clothes
(F) My old socks reveal my toes
But (C) that don't keep my love from bein' (G7) true

(F) We got holes in our old roof
And (C) it rains all the time
(G7) She says, "Honey, that's alright"
And (C) holds her hand in mine
And (F) you may think that I ain't rich
(C) Accordin' to this (F) world
Well, (C) buddy, (G7) you ain't met my (C) girl


(C) Now, we get by on what we've got
And (F) you may think it ain't a lot
But (C) I know that ain't necessarily (G7) true

'Cause (C) we get by on lots of love
And (F) blessings sent from up above
And (C) I guess that's enough to get us (G7) through

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