Brighter Day

strike the tent
unpop the paintbox
and pack the carriages
with the flesh freaks of fear
at the beach
we left them shell shocked
lining up the avenue
in view of next year

high steppinlike a brigade
down the block
don't be shocked
to hear somebody say "wake up doomsday"
it's time to join the big parade
come and march in time with the band
playing loud fighting crowds
to see the matinee (it's tailor made)
because it's gonna be a brighter day

for the seeker of thrills
behind the ferris wheels
there's a man with one foot in the
grave and one foot on a
banana peel
he's an actor of sorts
who sold himself too short
so now he travels door to door
performing 'death of a salesmanoh my country tears of thee

Ekleyen: Gizem S.
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