Terror At The Circus

Nobody were seem to be me
In these memory I kept to be!

I'm not afraid if the clouds would go
I'm just scared if this circus will be...
Blown away!
Those pranksters can't be deny
We are willing to beat it and cry!
( beat it jay-Z! )

More and more never coming home
Civil crisis circus in a foam
Higher hole into the death
Tick tock tick tock hear me cause I let you.

It's a lesson I wont forget
It's a terror civilized with regret
And I just can't get home
Cause I wonder if your still in my phone

It will always be going

Never ending suffocation
Building up of thy home
Don't leave me, don't wanna be alone

Weaker and weaker, still it gonna blow
Trying to stop me I'll just say hello (lo')
Not too easy not too hard
We are beaters so come and lets start(start)

(Repeat chorus)

Nor a foul, nor a soul
It's a fish not a fowl
Curiosity upon ma' name
Sayin' don't wanna go home again!

I'm not afraid if the clouds would go
I'm just scarde if thy circus will be...
... blown away
Those pranksters can't be deny
It's a flood so raise your glass high!

(Higher oh! 12x)

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