Life In A Pain Amplifier

Take a look at your brand new life.
Do you feel warm?
Does it give you some relief?
I stretch my hand out,
Knocking the wall again.
Light's hiding elsewhere.

The state of prowsiness in me
Undefeated, but I'm still alive.

Cold space confusion.
Senseless reiteration of pain.
Permanent desolation made by fake light.
Devouring the space.
Can you get over this day?

Silent breath of electrodotes.
Worm-ridden sound.
Pain is coming, sublimation.
I'm the woodworm in this pathetic piece of junk.

Alive to testify.

Supreme chancellor of hate.
Keep my secret, wall up my gate
With sickening anger.

Won't ignore the blue flame.
Transmission of a million nerves alive.
Bowing down before a new god.
Charisma through incineration of pulp alive.
Turned into coal, you're on my flame.

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