Blood Tribute

Greed of blood
Makes the believer a rabid beast.
Mass comes to an end.
Desire becomes unbearable.
Crescendo of terror. The damned is untenable.
Wherever you turn, there's nothing
But these four walls, you and I.

The leading wire of this tale
Is been woven through mute chambers' walls.
Captives communicate through tortured screams.

'Till the moment is gone.

Then the altar unique, immense and obscure will open underneath
Upon them. Sun and Moon both black,
Testifying their blood tribute.
Man is both goat and knife.
Greed and mercy under the sign of pain.

[Missing lines]

It's time to cry.

But between these four walls
Only your brothers will hear
And will hide powerless.
Crawling in the night
We hide.

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