Absence Of Truth

What is the real weight of our sins
How many good deeds
Where is the holy god
Who will set us free from this illusion of reality
Free of this trick
There's no god who answers
To all these questions
We are alone
Just the condemnation of the preachers

God denies the Reason, we're suffering in disdain
In our prison of sufferings
I committed high treason
Proving the certain non-existence of god
Through the truth
I became a disciple of the philosophy
Of truth denying false sacraments
God denies the Reason, we're suffering in disdain

God is not real, it's a false ideal
God is surreal, true threat of men

My mind is, my mind is chained to god
My mind is chained to the will of god
My own body is victim of every single sin
My mind is property of god

I defiled every single faith
Regarding his name
I will die by my own hands
Unbound by god's chains

Every single thought, every single word
Now will loose it's sense
I must free myself from the chains of god
To perceive the truth
Now I can perceive the true essence of truth
Can you see the light?
I can see the light
Can you see the light?
Can you see it?

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