To End All Ages

Cling to no-one
For not one survived
Overwhelmed by
The Desolation
You fall

We lived the eve of mankind
And heeded not the passing's sign
So brothers mine - a lullaby
To end all ages we laid down our lives

The thousand vibrant tongues
Silent all at once
And the myriad lifeless eyes
Six billion dead gazes into the deaf, boundless, darkening sky

Solemn endless awe
An obsolete crown
A desolate throne
A kingdom ours come

We speak through the ages now
Passionate and dark our voices strong
The shadow of our headstone grows long
Against the sunset - redder never before

This is the requiem
For the radiant daybreak
The horizon painted fission-red

The sun plummets in the emptiness
An ominous crimson in this wake of the might of men
A void of ash and dust reaches as far as the eye can see
Nothingness is all that would meet the eye
Were there any to bear witness to it
Yet there are none

There are none

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