Phone Call 45

A corporate nightmare on a Sunday night
A grown-up reminder that I am still alive
I don't need another friend maybe you do
The speedway burned to nothing and I thought there might be you
I called Jonny up and I said
These are the things that I'd like to forget
I've had x number of endings
X number of endings
When do I begin
When do I begin
Los Angeles invades my privacy
Love and respect in the front of a book lied again to me
I don't need another war maybe you do
A list of all the things that do not belong to you'
The lava train came through my northern town
I will show you mine if you show me around
I don't need another rush maybe you do
Deep inside I know I am coming back for you
©1998 Emm Gryner (SOCAN/ASCAP). All rights reserved.

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