I Got A War

I've got a war baby
So whatcha gonna do
I got a war baby
I got a war with you

I get sick baby
And I get it from you
I wanna kick baby
I guess that we are thru

So whatcha gonna do
Tell me whatcha gonna do
Come on tell me whatcha gonna do
Yeah I got a war with you

Linin' up I'm on the battle field
Coz I demand a whole lot more
I'm tellin you baby
I got a war
Grab a chair you gonna need a shield
Coz I got so much in store
I'm tellin you baby
I got a war

I'm fed up baby
With the things you do
I'm all gone dammit
Nothin' you can do

Coz I'm screamin'
And you can keep on dreamin'
Nothin' more to say
Nothin' more to do

And I'll be diggin' my trench
Get me out of this stench
Coz I'm gone

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