My Living Will

Goodnight, my love.
It might be our last.
Every morning is a new beginning, a chance to
change the way we act.
With my heart beating the way it is, it's hard to
know if I'll be here when the sun comes up, but I
know if I do, I'll be waking up to a bright new day
with you.
If we make it out alive, I'll never let you go again.
If I survive the night, I'll hold you until light fades
Sometimes your words arelike penicillin and I
wouldn't mind taking an extra dose of you.
Even if it means that I would be rush to the
emergency room with a bad case of missing you.
And if I'm not revived by midnight, pull the plug
and let me go.
Remember me for the laughs and the kisses
and the love that we had known.
Somehow I've done this to myself.
I've let the sickness spread.
But if you hold on tight to me, we'll make it through together.
My heart beats only for you.
Baby, we can make it through the night.

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