Don't Act Right


[Verse 1]
Baby we need to talk
I am not trying to start a fight but
Something with us is wrong
And you can not deny it
Please forgive me for saying
But i'm feeling like maybe your heart ain't in it lately
It's gon hurt me but i got to tell you baby

Ridiculous (why we)
Don't talk that much (when i)
I love you when i give you (all i got)
I'm in you corner but you (don't act right)
I'm tryin to love ya but you (don't act right)
Baby please tell me when you (don't act right)
Cuz every other day you (don't act right)

[Verse 2]
Whatever is lets put it to rest (lets put it to rest)
Cuz im flat out tired and burned out from all the stress you give me
You know you ain't never had a woman better that you know would never to do these things to you
I wish you'd come out and tell me what did i do to you

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