Ain't Gonna Beg

I mean I'm not gon beg you
I see you just aint actin right
(Verse 1)
Everytime I need someone to be there when I had me one of them crazy days
(I aint gon beg you)
Everytime I want someone to treat me like they always said they were gonna treat me like
(I aint gon beg you)

cause I let you slide before but I see you aint gon learn since you like to play with fire then I'ma let us burn (boy you) aint nothin (gon miss) my lovin the last time was the last time
so I'm through with you

No I aint gon beg you no more
I'm sick and tired of waitin don't know what I'm waitin for
cause you know you don't treat me like you should when you know I'm the coldest thing about this hood
No I aint gon beg you no more
and If you're not down with this then baby theres the door
I'm usually not the type to just lay it down and quit
but lot of men would get with this (oh yes) so I aint gon beg you no more

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