The Corruptor's Execution

It's the motherfuckin Corruptor! Since I came I was a hustler
It's a shame, I got to blow out niggaz brains
to make these motherfuckers peep my game, I let em hang
to the flo', snot on the snow, and full of kicked on rivals
It's for survival, in the intestines of the city

Cause the game's shitty, and Piggly Wiggly on the payroll
So they can't bust us
And we shine like diamond clusters, cause we some made motherfuckers

[Bun B]
Because I take out my weapon and I quickly start bustin
I go, cold loco lay em down by the dozen
I look at my riders, they say nothing's confusin
Why why why? (It's the Corruptor's execution)

(It's the Corruptor's execution

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