Tha Time

[E-40] Uhhhh.. UHHHH.. UHHHH! Ah? Ah?

[B-Legit] You got Moesha E?
[E-40] All Tha Time B
You got your indonesia B?
[B-Legit] All Tha Time E
You got the street sweeper broom?
[E-40] All Tha Time B

You got your chronic there too?
[B-Legit] All Tha Time!

Might not know how to read and right, but I do know Arm & Hammer
If the screen from a tweaker's pipe turns black, that means it's bamma
If it's too many seeds in your weed, then chop em down
If your bud gets bogus, then run his ass out of town
I'm on the Carquinez Bridge, terminal three, quarter after seven
Pockets full of hundreds, can't seem to find no ones, engine revvin
Smebbin, talkin hella shit to the cashier
Pi-pi's get right behind me askin me how much I been had to drink
and I said, "A beer"
Blitzed, out of my wits, drivin drunk
Let's see I done hit one, two, three ain't no tellin how many skunk
In and out of the holdin cell, blood alcohol like a warrior
And I refuse to answer any questions without the advisory of my lawyer

I been in it, all around it, co-founded
Did it when I done it, I musta been blunted
Ninety-six hundred for the two P's
I let the homie K-One run through these
Places that I roam I let the hubs alone
I wonder if they're trippin at Nextel phones
A bad motherfucker for the butter n grits
and you niggaz need to know this shit

[B-Legit] You got Moesha E?

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