Record Haters

(Cal Luv's intro)
Yo check it out.
Today we're here wit basketball star Rasheed Wallace.
(Yo what up kid?)
From the... what, what, what team is that you play for again?
(Sshh. The Bullets man.)
Yea right, right.
So tell me Rasheed you know what I'm sayin,

this hip-hop thang an everythang goin on,
tell me, I mean, what, what's yo flavor?
(Yo check it out kid, I only like real hip-hop man,
the real shit. You know what I'm sayin. Redman, Wu-Tang,
you know what I'm sayin. I don't fool wit the Goodie Mob's,
and I especially don't fool wit them E-40's.)

Nigga what the fuck they GOOD fo? Nigga let's shoot fins
You got all the bread nigga, put up yo Benz
Nah-nah, can't do that - Why not? Ol skool trophy
somethin I done worked too hard fo, nigga quote me
yo swole bank rolls done turned to lil ol anarxins
get ready to pay the price ??? pee-wee no catchin
Who got change fo this brand new hundred?
Staight outta welfare

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