Mustard & Mayonnaise

Throw me a bone and some crumbs watch me turn it over and flip it
Ballatician, man, ballaholic I'm ballerific
Stop and listen give me yo undivided attention
40 talk like E.F. Hutton... shhhh, people listen
Man that boy there right there be clownin he do the foo!
Hustle Charlie water that playa there hella coo!
Often imitated but never dismemblicated
Kilo grams of coke and that broccoli I used to weigh it

Smokin' Ahfganny in the candy blue drop the mail
On my way to Richmond to buy me some new apparel
Bendin' corners, gettin' it quick and talkin bout lookin"There go fonzerelli I'm feelin that manish music"
Won't you quit that shit you be talkin, its big spit
Later for them suckas they tardy they ain't hit
Disobeying ???? from you ??? don't let her see
Get you're wonder bread pepperoni watch it increase

[Chorus x2]
Mustard and Mayonnaise! Tennis shoes, lowenheart, drivers lorenzos, 22's
Big bread, big spread, big scratch,big cars, turf hogs, Cadillacs

Watchout ersky perky it's seldom you see me thirsty
Gatorade bottle full of Burgundy Carlos Rossy
Lift yo head high, we might take you up out yo body
Me and my mossy motherfuckers life

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