Huh? Want me to speak the real?

Speak the real man

Nigga speak the real

Speak the real
Speak the real
Speak the real
Speak the real

It's a quarter after nine on my AM FM
Radio Shack digital motel six o?clock alarm reads
"40, get your ass up, time to hit the grind
You can't afford to pass no money I know you heard about that"
What, what? "Task raided Millersville Ms. Miller had a heart attack"
Dude, that's some cold shit, ain't it huh?
I know, she was a good person for certain I know
V-Town, California where I was born, raised and grown
And since 1979 I been a hustler on the go
You know the drill, my mission for real, a mealticket
You feel, we slowly but surely approachin seven digits
Figurines, sticky doo-hicky and angel dust
Mescaline, niggas know better than fuck with us
I'm pimped out flossin in Reno in the casino
Big bid, fuckin off feddie I could've put down on a crib
I does that, I do, rejuvenate, redeem
Take a lose, take a lose
Don't make a scene
Nigga charge it to the triple beam
Fuck the stress
I let that orange box of baking soda do the rest
Holler at my neighborhood chef, Raul
Known for cloning chickens and turning one into two
That's what he do for a living
That's all he's used to

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