Mobb that shit out nigga!
Bosko, mobb that shit, BEYOTCH!
Mobb shit (mobb shit)
We invented this shit (what'd we do?)
Boy I helped pioneer this
Boy I helped pioneer this..


I'm irkin; head spinnin dome swervin
mergin to the right to the left, see three, hallucinatin
Stoned ain't got a lick but a bra protection on my phone
therefore that'll make it this that much easier
for anybody with a computer that got the right data information
software to CLONE, clone it off the streets - how much?
Basshead dis down playa price boy a hundred piece (hundred piece)
Shit I don't figure dat dere ain't no mo' worse than clonin sheep
Just understand, I dub this for my weeples
More hair on my face than my daddy do (daddy do)
I guess it's them steroids that they been puttin in our food (in our food)
Shit the man behind the counter at the liquor store asked him for ID
before he get to askin me and if he ask me for ID then I'ma get
?? bitch to use some of that swindlin ass fast-fast talkin
con man ?? in the ghetto

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