I step, I step in the "Club" aroung twelve o'clock (clock)
Me and my folk (folkers) after the after "Spot" (spot)
We bought a - Remi (Remi) Hennesey, Courvosier (yeah)
Velvet de Vodca and grab my "Yay"
I love this "Life" , what can I "Say" (say)
Doing this damn "Thang"
Till' I'm old and "Grey"
Poppin' these "Speeds" and jacking my "Slacks" (slacks)
Give some yay "Nigga" (yay nigga)
Thats just how we act (how we act)
We disobey niggas (disobey niggas) doin' it "Full" (full)
We shake fake niggas (niggas) If you ain't "Cool" (cool)
You can't hang wit' us (hang wit' us) all acess (access)
I fuck wit' real niggas (niggas)
My baby- Beatrice (Trice)
Mack Dime (ah) uhhh see and Sir Too Sheezy (sheezy)
Eight-Ball (uh) Pimp C and Jayo Felony
Nate Dogg and (all) just to name a few (a few)
Straight Flamboast, thats what we "Do"

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