"There is something going on down here..." "In Vallejo."
"In Vallejo, California" --> E-40 "In Vallejo."
"In Vallejo, California" --> E-40

Chorus: Suga T

He said he's just a, timah name, rang-in
Major factor, Fed Ex
High-powered lawyers, and a
young nigga havin his wayyyy!

Verse One: E-40

? and cry with his motherfucking nose in the corner
Broke up out of that old punk shit and said,
"Momma I'ma do what the fuck I wanna!"
Hit the streets and make a wheelbarrow full of bread if I end up dead
then press delete -- I'm tired of eating powdered meat
Within a nigga timah to get to the grind, so that boy scored a quarter key
Two hundred and fifty-two electronic milligrams
We'll sell it like a coke candy organization

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