Don't Blame İt On Me

[E-40] Youse a fool. You sound like you fin to earl
They can have all the armor but that calm doesn't harm

Chorus One: E-40

Double cross the game, and get yo' head to' off
Disrespect the game, ya get yo' head to' off
Your faulty bitches main? A getcha head to' off
Fuck with my riches main? And getcha head to' off, beittch!

I'm erog-enous, most dog in this
Dark brown like a clot, but now I'm saucy
Hoes toss me they number like an alley-oop
But I slam it in the trash, if she ain't got, ass and loot
Shoot, it's all mine in the nine sizzle
Pistol still fizeal fine, direct hits make em retire
I ain't no liar, I put it on my flow
Niggaz fuck around, they get they head to' off


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