Verse One: E-40

I'm really not all that sure
Bout when things is finna mature
So let me find me a nigga with a grip
and hit his ass quick with one of them whores
(What's the definition of a lick?)
Taking a niggaz shit
(Hey put that on sumthin)
I put that on The Click, The Click
Back to fuckin work one of the homies jus got dusted
Time to do some dirt, UH!, I never trusted
them bustas shot him in the shirt, dead on arrival
Now the town is funky, it's called survival
What y'all wanna do? They got us scuffled
(bullet high, get in your eye) if this was a fifth well I be drunk
I'm heated, them niggaz cheated, played me false
We had A MEETIN, shit 'posed to been squashed
I KNOW THIS ONE BITCH THAT'LL double dribble and set 'EM up y'all
She likes the Monie in the Middle, play tetherball
Thick ass bitch, high yellow city-slicker

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