Dirty Deeds

"40-H2O, I got a few ends, can we do some kind of business mate?"
It depends on how much you wanna spend
and how much profit I'm gon' make
What's the crazy? Sellin half a kezy, right now they go for eight
But you know we in the middle of a drought playboy,
so tomorrow might be too late
Prices keep on elevatin,
escalatin and fluctuatin like Oprah Winfrey's weight
Hesitatin, eliminatin competitor's competition out the gate
Peruvian flake, cotton candy yams and Highway 5
About an estimated four-and-a-half hour drive, LET ME GO
Na na, can't do that, too dangerous, too young
Back off, it's a commotion, might even swallow your tongue
HOW?!? I'll tell ya later, hop your ass in this Kezy
Where we headed? Venice Beach
Gotta go pick up our greasy ex-po po martial arts expert
Money on grip and desperate, nuttin to be reckoned with
I tell you motherfuckers she's a fool
Damn she sound like a fuckin nut
Let's bust her potna and get the fuck

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