Brownie Points

[A-1] Yeah
[E-40] Seven-oh-seven
[A-1] Yeah.. Charlie Hustle
[E-40] Playa, playa
[A-1] What's wrong with these old niggaz man?
D-Day, what's wrong with these niggaz?
[E-40] What's wrong with these niggaz?
[A-1] This fuckin game.. tryin to get brownie points and stripes
[E-40] Smack points (yeah) yeah
[A-1] You got somethin for these old niggaz doe
[E-40] What we got fo' em big balla?
[A-1] Yeah, yeah, yeah
[E-40] BEOTCH!

What's the subject? Fo' brings niggaz they Kotex
Where we reside I creeps my ass up inside
and smash these brownies off in his FACE
that I done shitted and pissed on, dude, HOW THAT TASTE
Catch him out his place, out of his area
with his nephew and his niece, ooh, the more the merrier
Nigga tried to fuck mines off (what'd he do?)
Tried to gauge the porch with my broads on ??watoo??
Dude you done broke fuckin code
I'm finst ta dump drop clip, dump-drop-clip reload
Be like I can motherfuckin explode
Talkin about I'll be fuckin all kind of women
That's B-R-P, Blade Run or Pimpin
Once upon a time there was this guy named Dane
Tried to fuck my bitch, but he Kris-Krossed game
I don't owe this motherfucker in the first

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