Block Boi

[Verse 1: E-40]
Out here is sick, AR-70's and albino pits (Albino pits)
Patriots and bushmasters, home invasions and licks
I'm in it to make the most, you in it to flamboast (Boast)
You in it to tricking off to them hoes, I'm in to make her buy me some clothes (Clothes)
I be treating my scraper like a Rolls, lemme stop lying, no I don't (Don't)

I be sideways on two toys, all the rappers call me Unc (Unc)
Feasible, unheathable, the best thing that ever did it (Did it)
Incredible like Ichiro, you pitch it, I'm a hit it (Hit it)
One of my youngsters just got popped with a thumper (Thumper)
They tryna wash him, they talking football numbers (Football numbers)
They tryna stop him, it's murk in the Ave (In the Ave)
Take one of mine, I'm take three of theirs (Three of theirs)
Some of you suckers can't take a lettuce from a cabbage (Cabbage)
A coon from a plum, kangaroo from a radish (From a raddish)
Look at my life, look at my guys, look at my fame (Look at my fame)
Look at you guys, look at my eyes, look at my cane (Look at my cane)

[Hook: Stressmatic x2]
Block, block, block, block boi
Block, b-block, b-block, block, block boi
... Block, block, block, block boi
Ride with a thing to put your head on a slab

[Verse 2: Miko]
M wanted this piece, already (Already)
Squat a 33-year-old Chevy (Old Chevy)
Replace everything, all in Heat Cherry (Yeah)
So much chrome under the hood, straight scary
Get my grown man on, Sacramento Valley
On 22's, playboy vet rallies (Rallies)
Tremendo, to the extreme, where I go
Pimping I'm cleaner than a San Jose car show
... Hotter than Barstow in August
Chevy Land love me, I'm year

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