(Kokane & E-40)
Automatic, Systematic
Do what you do playa
Just keep that money on ya mi-i-ind, (on ya mind)
In the traffic, Baller status, (baller status)
Do what you do playa, (what you do)
Just keep on hustlin' on the gri-i-ind, (on the grind)

<[Verse 1]
???, Stackin' my mil
Avoidin' the law, Stayin' out of jail
Possesion of sales, Pocket all sales
Conspiracy charges, Hate betrayals
Payin' the rent
Cause I don't write nothin down I keep it all in my head, Intellegent
About my business, Memory like an elephant
Chasin' the dream, Suit up for cream
Special represented tactics team, They out for teams
And infared beams, Pointed at domes, backs, and spleens
Fire hydrons, Ambulance sirens, Spittin' licence, Police indicements
Rightiously what it all boils down to is basically who's the wisest
Ughhh, My heart made of granite
Slow down my spit so you squares can understand it
I didnt come in here empty handed
I came in here on business and yall gone retrospecit dammit
Been out the game, Did that mane
Valejeo I claim, Made the name
Feel my pain, Ghetto fame
Magazine Street hustla mane

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