Too Wet To Plow

My fondest memories didn't happen on sunny days
'Cause when that summer sun was beating down
It was all work and no play
Daddy wasn't the only one who used to pray for rain
When the smell of a storm would fill the air
I'd put that farem in my rear view mirror
As the rain soaked the ground, it was too wet to plow

I'd drive down that muddy road, wipers barely keeping up
She'd be waiting on the front porch, watching for my truck
We'd head for that ld boxcar, abandoned on the tracks
While they were riding out the weather back on the farm
There we were on a bed of straw
Breaking new ground, it was too wet to plow

CHORUS:And with the rhythm of the sound of the rain that was pounding
On that big steel door
Two lovers in teh dark were learning by heart
What rainy days are for
Now when I hear thunder I still wonder
What she thinks about when it's too wet to plow

The strangest thing happened to me just the other day
I saw a storm moving in, when my telephone rang
On the other end of the line was a voice I'd heard before
She said if you wanna know who this is talking
Meet down by the railroad crossing
Baby look at those clouds, it's too wet to plow


Now when I hear thunder I don't have to wonder
What she thinkgs about when it's too wet to plow
Too wet to plow

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