Fourth Rung Of The Ladder

Didn't mean to leave you all alone.
But the spring has shown.
With all the leaves dead on the trees when everything
Should be in bloom.
And now it's over.
And it won't come back.
Yeah my time was wasted.
You beg to come.
You beg to go.
But never did your actions show.
And now it's over.
And it won't come back.
And I want to know.
If there's anything I can do.
'Cause I'll be here.

And I'll do anything for you.
I'm so sick of waiting for everyone.
My ambitions fading and it's not so much fun.
When the time comes along.
And you're at your end.
You just let yourself down.
And you let down your friends.
When I come home.
I'll look for you.
But you won't be there.
When I come home.
There will be nothing new.
And you still won't care

Ekleyen: Mérvé1990
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