Napalm Satan

Take cover as the alarms starts to roar
Crawl beneath napalm threatening sphere
See the fear in their eyes
Hellbombers attack from the sky
Bombs exploding bursting flames
Armageddon reigns

Warheads - napalms to the core
God's children wish they've never been born

Like wolf among the sheeps
He guards you while you sleep
Walk amongst the living
Satan himself in disguise

Napalm rains - Satan reigns

Horror infects their minds
As they confront burning genocide
Boiling flesh and blistering skin
Laugh of the fiery king

All damned to crematory
Sacrificed in purgatory
Napalms satan 666

[Solo: Bobby]

Unholy war against god's creations
Mass murder christianity obliteration
Human prey gathered for the slaughter
Mankind suffers left in torture

Horror infects chaotic minds
As they confront burning genocide
Sentenced to burn of their sins
Laugh of the fiery king

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