A shadow, I prowl these deadly streets,
Perversion, degradation my soulmates.
An observer, I'm admist the innocent weak,
My fascinations are salacious and unchaste.
*This netherworld of carnality is my existance,
I don't walk alone, for this is my home,
And my subsistence.*
I silently drift through these darkened paths,
I'm a witness to human psyche in decay.
There's nothing here but burnt-out bodies and souls,
A breeding ground for the depraved.
*I've plunged beyond the sickest depths of pruriency,
What is normal to me is far beneath what is seen as
mere "obscenity".*
Can you feel the pain of these souls deranged?
I have lived inside these pathetic minds.
And it's menacing psychosis and lust is so dangerous,
Sexuality at it's most diseased has enslaved us.
I wish I could give you severe details,
But now's not the time nor the place.
I've sojourned through the vilest combat zones,
And been invovled in acts that are debased.
*Virtuous lives are crushed in this malevolent den of thieves,
There's no escape from the abduction and rape
of virginity.*
Scenic nightmares of brutal self-indulgence,
Nothing is sacred, especially life.
I completely share my amorality,
With the hookers and the hustlers that stalk the night.
*Shocking, disgusting displays of human indignities,
Anything can be achieced in sexual iniquities.*
I've been seduced into this realm,
Why? I cannot say...
I've cleansed myself from all that's pure,
I've now incurred disgrace.
I can't put my finger on the attraction,
I'm not an anomally.
In my domain of abomination,
I have a personal obsession with pain,
Dealing, receiving, to me it's the same,
*tragic game*.
Excruciation that goes unrestrained,
To others this pleasure may be insane,
*or at the lease profane*.
Virgins forced to perform unspeakable deeds,
Immaculate youth placed in impurity.
The screams of pain, I have heard the screams
Of quiet exits, but forced entry.
*Desperate souls of one accord,
with their lives in this sordid world.*
Women defiled for that vein-numbing fix,
Bestiality, this is sick.
Orifices committing disgust,
Grotesque forays into macabre lusts.
*Why am I here? I've been drawn,
in this shameless world I belong...*
Men who pluck children from their families,
Teaching a man's "rules" to this younger breed.
To the black-market, parents sell their young under eight,
Anything older out here is too late,
*Adolescence is their fate!*
Snuff films with their discreet mutiliations,
Anonymous fiends and confused, unwilling victims.
Desecrating unblemished bodies and minds,
Breaking and torturing, then ending their lives,
*I have watched them die...*
You've been given a glimpse of this pornographic scene,
Some of it scares me, all of it excites me.
This is my horrible, demented hell,
Once you're trapped down here I wish you well.
*Why am I here? I've been drawn,
But honestly, do I belong?*

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