Gladiator, Die By The Blade

[Part One: Entering The Arena]


[Part Two: Clash Of The Titans]

Hear the scream! See the crowd! Your heart's beating so fast,
'Coz you know - only one will leave this place alive

With one knee one the ground, and the enemy behind,
You can't die - freedom can be your prize

No more stenghts to get up?
Throw the sand in his eyes!
Kill that beast - it's not your time to face the death!
In this final performance
Now get up, take your chance!
You must win in this funeral game

Mars calls your name, but you won't die, not today!
Go on! You are strong like you've never been before!

Prisoners of war, fallen souls - are your mentors, holy ghosts!
Listen to their screams from arena's shade,
Or you're gonna die by the blade!

Now be cruel, time to strike! Kill him now, take his life! Warrior!
Let this ugly beast die by your hand!

You are now strong and wild
Put his body on the ground, execution!
Now you're free - it's the end!

With fury in your eyes, you can watch his face as he dies
By now you're strong, like you've never been before!

[Part Three: Glory And Victory]

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