Unstable Ground

Verse 1
Fire, when will you ever set in
I can feel you on the outside
Tearing away at this cold skin
This desire, starting with a single spark
Can grow and rise, control my life
But will tear my worlds apart

I don't know if I could stand that
So I'll take them both and keep it a secret

With one foot in and the other out
I will only find unstable ground
How can crooked paths lead us in straight lines
Never getting to where we wanted to be in life.

Verse 2
I climb to the top of this fence
I'll play it safe, just sit and wait
My entire life if needed.
But if, I would leave this world today
I would scream in pain, cry out your name
But my decision would be too late

And my life without You is worthless
So I'll live it for you and give it a purpose

The time spent here, cannot compare
To the time that I'll spend with you
You're the one way out, lord save me now
I will live for only you

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