Awful Sweetness Of Escaping Sweet

We escape from the house
As the day disappears from the sky
Into night
We became what we wanted to be,
Like a dream,
Or a ghost
I collapse out of turn
Near a house, lying still in the grass
Felt the heat from the ground
Rising up to contract
And expand,
Like a breath

We leave from that place,
Soaked with sweat and the poison we drank
Fill the bathtub with ice,
Hope this fever will break
Like a heart

But I do not recall all the words that were formed
On those wire lips
As they greeted me
A promise was made without thought as the temperature climbed
And I started to sink like the moon tends to do if you stare at it so long,
Then you blink, and it’s gone
And we crawl
To our sleep
With the dawn

And isn’t it the same mistake?
And isn’t it the same mistake?
And isn’t it the same mistake?
It’s not much of an escape
And isn't it the same?

We awake in the light feeling hollow and selfishly warm
Close the blinds and retreat till what is burning is gone
And it's light
Is away
Then we’re back in the dark,
Chasing nothing through backyards and trees
You ripped your shirt on a fence, but it didn't get me
Yeah, it's fear
Makes you slow
And these creatures look crooked
Their shadows cut lines through my face,
And the concrete is fire,
Where my bare feet are placed
In a line
Next to yours
And I guess I'm not sure if it’s fear that was born
As those awful eyes
Laid their claim on us
I put my hands on the fence,
Said your name,
And I started to climb
And it must have been sweat
But I drank it like wine
It was sweet
My mouth was dry
I heard you scream but I made no reply
I can still
Taste it now
If I try

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