Songbird (And Hearts Semicolon)

I wrote a little riddle, can you solve it here? ignore the fickle trickles coming down like tears. it's raining pretty hard but I'm grinning ear to ear, cause I'm eager to prove I care. so little songbird, won't you sing for me? I know the words but forgot the melody. it's so like me to forget the melody, but that's just how it goes. here is your love song, let it be short and sweet, a section short of a symphony. and that's just how it goes, cyber juliets, robo romeos. life's just so much better well connected. I talk a lot about myself I do, I do, 'cause all the bitter jealous haters are right on cue. I think about you all the time I do, I do, I do! 'cause it sucks to be all alone. well there's a time and place, call me when your nice and sober. make that face, knowing how it wins me over. turns out oxygen ain't so bad when it's all you've got. disconnect the net, bet the fall apart is instant.

Ekleyen: Gökhan
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