No Chain

All I can say is that my Bible's pretty plain; It's not that difficult to
And all I can do is say you should read it, too
But teachers at the school say it's not safe, it's not safe
Don't care what anyone may say to me -- I'm gonna read it anyway
I know they'd like to get my teeth extracted so I can't say what I have to
And I don't understand why the people say
That I'm not separating church and state
When all that I do is read a book that says to me to forgive my enemies
And pray that they get saved. Get saved. Get saved + LEAD
Paul writes to me; he says in Second Timothy
You know the Gospel still gets through even if I'm in chains
It's not chained, it's not chained.
I just want someone to explain to me -- why can't I read it anyplace?
You know I'd like to use my free speech rights today
So let me say what I have to say

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