Let Me Off Uptown

Hey Joe
What do you mean Joe? My name's Roy
Well, come here Roy and get groovy

You been uptown?
No I ain't been uptown but I've been around
You mean to say you ain't been uptown?
No, I ain't been uptown, what's uptown?

If it's pleasure you're about
And you feel like stepping out
All you've got to shout is
Let me off uptown

If it's rhythm that you feel
Then it's nothing to conceal
Oh, you've got to spiel it
Let me off uptown

Rib joints, juke joints, hep joints
Where could a fella go to top it?

If you want to pitch a ball
And you can't afford a hall
All you've got to call is
Let me off uptown

Anita, oh Anita, say I feel something
What you feel Roy, the heat?
No, it must be that uptown rhythm I feel like blowing
Well blow Roy, blow

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